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Hampton HeroStrength Speed Rope HSR


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HeroStrength Speed Rope — Steel Rope w/ Aluminum Handles (9′ – adjustable)

The HeroStrength Speed Rope is not your ordinary jump rope. The sleek, steel rope, with aluminum handles, gives the old-school jump rope a makeover into present day innovation. This is a must-have piece for any gym. Be it personal training space, home gym, or a commercial gym. Did you know that jumping rope for ten minutes can burn as many calories as an eight minute mile run? A jump rope may be the best all around piece of exercise equipment that you could own.

Sleek new look with a steel rope and aluminum handles
A modern appeal to an old workout staple
Offers a great cardio option that is portable and less expensive than other cardio machine options that take up more room and are less cost effective
Workout on the go- whether it be in your hotel room, commercial gym, home gym, or backyard
A low cost, yet effective workout at your fingertips any time of day. No gym membership required.


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Hampton HeroStrength Speed Rope HSR