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Regular Gray Cast Iron Weight Plates

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Regular Gray Cast Iron Weight Plates. Whether you refer to them as regular weight plates, standard dumbbell plates, pancake plates for weightlifting or iron plates for adjustable dumbbell handles, they all refer to a solid cast iron weight plate with a 1″ diameter center hole used for dumbbell handles and barbell bars.

Home Use. Regular cast iron weight plates used in the home are compatible with any type of adjustable dumbbell handle as long as the handle sleeves have a 1″ diameter. This style of handle is available with a threaded bar and collar or a smooth sleeve that uses regular dumbbell collars. 1″ diameter adjustable barbells offer the same sleeve design as the adjustable dumbbell handles. However, adjustable barbells can include curl bars and tricep bars used to incorporate different exercises that target particular muscles.

Commercial Gym Use- Many commercial gyms use what is known as “Pro-Style” dumbbells. These dumbbells accept regular cast iron plates to achieve their build out and then permanently lock together via a Alan bolt and chrome washer. The Pro-Style dumbbell handle can be long enough to accept up to ten 10 lb. plates on each side making for a massively heavy 200 lb. dumbbell. Pro-style barbells are offered in both straight and curl bar options and utilize these plates for their build-out, as well.

Industry Use- The regular weight plate is also used for other things besides weightlifting. Different industries have found clever ways to utilize these plates just as the weightlifter has. One industry in particular is the film industry which uses these plates to balance their long camera boom arms, cranes and jibs; many having built in plate sleeves specially designed for this particular type of weighted plate.


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Regular Gray Cast Iron Weight Plates