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What is a weight bench?

Without a doubt, there is a weight bench in every gym across the country and for good reason. The weight bench, sometimes also called a fitness bench, is an inexpensive piece of equipment that is used in weight training. Weight benches generally are a padded board supported by legs and their primary purpose is for weightlifters to sit or lie down on. What separate weight benches from normal benches is their sturdiness and ability to support a large amount of weight. Not all weight benches are the same though and there are a wide variety of different types. We have a created a quick breakdown of some of the most popular bench types.

1. Ab Bench

An ab bench is, as its name implies, a bench that assists users in a variety of ab workouts. Ab benches resemble decline benches and generally come with pads that are meant to hold your feet in place. Users would lie on this bench at a decline, lock in their feet and perform crunches and a variety of other ab oriented exercises.

2. Preacher Curl/Curl Bench

The preacher curl looks like a seat with a padded section in front. This bench is used to perform curls with weights. The user places their arm over the padded section of the bench and curls while their arms are rested on the pad. This ensures that proper form is being maintained and also allows for added comfort.

3. Flat Bench/Adjustable Bench

A flat bench is designed for users to lie flat on top of. The flat bench is generally designed to support users while they are performing bench presses. Adjustable benches are similar to flat benches except they are far more versatile. In addition to the flat bench position, adjustable benches can also be modified to either be a decline or incline bench.

4. Olympic Benches

Olympic benches are slightly larger than standard benches and are generally made of composite steel for maximum durability. Olympic benches are also more padded since they’re designed to be able to withstand larger weight loads and heavier lifters.

These are the general breakdown for most the benches that you will find on the market. If you wish to purchase any benches, visit our site and contact us!

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