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Why Knowing Your Body Composition is Important


Every commercial gym is filled with equipment that can help members get into shape and achieve the results that they want. However, not every gym can actually give its members insights into their own bodies that can be used to help them get healthier. The ACCUNIQ BC380 is a must-have item for every gym that wants to provide valuable information to its members.

This body fat analyzer gives users accurate body composition results in less than one minute. It’s easy to use and provide them with step by step instructions that can help your members assess their composition levels.

The results show a report with measurements and healthy ranges for a quick assessment that can help them learn about their bodies and compare past results with present.

What about BMI?

Body Mass Index is an outdated method for getting a look into our health. It assesses health by comparing their weight to height. While it may be beneficial for identifying those at an increased health risk, it is only able to provide us with a very basic analysis of human health.

While BMI is still a very common method used in clinical practice, it has limitations and is a poor tool for tracking weight change. There is no way to identify if changes are occurring in the fat or muscles.

Predicting health using this number ignores the important factors that contribute to overall positive health, which is why newer technologies are crucial.

Body Fat Percentage

Instead of using BMI, it’s better to focus on the percentage of body fat you have at your weight. This is called Percent Body Fat.

Differentiating Between Muscle and Fat

Doctors have been telling us for decades that too much fat is a serious health risk. A myriad of health problems associated with obesity. Knowing a person’s body fat can help us get insight into their short-term and long-term health, which can be key to helping them take control of their health.

An important part of understanding health is differentiating between fat and muscle. Many people assume that having as little fat as possible is healthy, but being skinny doesn’t mean you are healthy. Being thin means weighing less than the recommended values. However, being lean means that you have a greater muscle mass.

In order to effectively understand someone’s health, it’s important to understand their weight. However, weight has a number of factors, which include fat-free mass. Fat-free mass is made up of your organs, bones, muscle, and tissue.

If you lose weight, you need to be able to understand where that loss came from. If you lost your fat-free mass, but not actual fat, then this means you could be at risk for other health complications.

Weight alone is not enough to determine whether or not someone is healthy.

Importance of Body Composition

Knowing your body composition means understanding the state of your overall health. Even if your weight is in a healthy range, you may still have an unhealthy body composition.

Body composition is your body’s amount of body fat to fat-free mass. If your body fat ratio is higher than that of your fat-free mass, then you may be at risk for severe health problems. These include:

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Fatigue
  • Cancer

Body fat is associated with poor health, but some fat is actually necessary for your health. Fat protects internal organs, regulates hormones, and provides your body with the energy you need throughout your day.

Body fat should make up around 5% of total body weight in men and 12% in women.

Unhealthy Body Composition
More than one-third of American adults have an unhealthy body composition and are obese. Obesity is linked to a number of diseases and illnesses, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

What Leads to Unhealthy Body Composition?
There are many factors that can lead to an unhealthy body composition. These include:

  • Sedentary lifestyle: lack of exercise and physical activity
  • Overeating: eating large portion meals or eating too many calories a day
  • Unhealthy diets: high fat, high sugar diets
  • Lack of nutrients: lack of whole foods in the diet, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and legumes
  • Lifestyle habits: smoking and excessive alcohol intake

Healthy Body Composition

Obviously, having a healthy body composition is good for you. Reducing your overall amount of body fat and staying in range can improve your quality of life and keep certain health risks at bay.

Benefits of Healthy Body Composition

  • Improved Sleep Quality
  • Improved Mood
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved body function, including breathing, respiration, and lung function

Benefits of ACCUNIQ BC380 in Your Gym

The total body scan allows gym members to see their ratio of body fat versus fat-free mass and lets them know where their problem areas lie so that they can make changes to their health immediately.

Your members will have a printout complete with all of their analytics, and they can work with your trainers to create workouts catered to each member’s individual needs. These key insights, when used effectively, can help improve weight loss and muscle tone the right way.

At the very basic level, members can compare results from month to month to see if their workouts have resulted in any beneficial changes. They are also able to develop a plan on their own that can help them achieve their goals.

Keep Members Coming Back

One of the most significant benefits of having this machine in your gym is that members will be excited to come back and check out their stats. While weighing themselves at home may seem exciting enough, they’ll be amazed knowing everything that’s changing in their body composition from month to month.

This alone may provide them with the determination to keep working out at your gym.

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