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Stepmills offer the user a real stair climbing experience. The Stepmill provides one of the best ways achieve cardiovascular goals while still shaping your quads, hamstrings, and glutes.

There is a trend to adopt stepmills to replace other stair stepper machines because they offer a shorter, more intense workouts for today’s time-starved gym patron. It can be argued that the stepmill is more efficient as it allows a larger number of people to use the same machine in a given hour of available gym time.

We have a comprehensive inventory of new and used stepmills from all the major manufacturers: Stairmaster, Life Fitness and Primo Fitness.

Stepmills compared! Primo Fitness Stepmill vs. Life Fitness Powermill Climber vs. Stairmaster SM916 Stepmill

Over 20 years of worldwide success of our new and used gym equipment for sale. Experienced technicians in certified, pre-owned and custom-built refurbished ones. Outstanding reputation known because of our high-quality work and customer service. Contact us and let’s discuss your needs today!

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